1. Project development

Professional advice and support during tender phases . during this phase we can evaluate risks and technical/ economic overview possibilities. during this preliminary study our experience is focused on the project optimization. It is the aim of our engineers in this phase to give a overview to our clients which is technically feasible with the “right material quantity on site” to fit the desired deadlines required by the project!

2. Offer phase

Preparing the offer that matches economic performance requirements is a must in our daily work. It 'important at this stage that offer is not just a list of equipment with a price that fits the expectation of our clients, but a technical/economic solution which takes in consideration all the major comlexity of the job site.

3. Project execution and program works

Our company offer at this stage accurate planning which includes if requested a cicle time for the best utilization of material on site. our engineereing competence of the technical office is able to develop 3d design models very useful for three-dimensional complex geometry.

4. Work execution (construction work)

During construction we offer a complete support to the jobsite from start up to the completion of the structure. In the passage between the different phases attempting to optimize the maximum use of equipment.